All of our annual reports are made available in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF), for which there is a free reader available for download if you do not already have it installed on your system.

Year Size Document
2011-2012 2,600K pdf/2011-2012.pdf
2007-2008 12,700K pdf/2007-2008.pdf
1995-1996 400k pdf/1995-1996.pdf
1996-1997 1,000k pdf/1996-1997.pdf
1997-1998 2,000k pdf/1997-1998.pdf
1998-1999 1,300k pdf/1998-1999.pdf
1999-2000 20,000k pdf/1999-2000.pdf
2000-2001 468k pdf/2000-2001.pdf
2001-2002 593k pdf/2001-2002.pdf
2002-2003 1,500k pdf/2002-2003.pdf
2004-2005 18 MB pdf/2004-2005.pdf