If you wish to be one of our students, you must complete all pre-pharmacy requirements, except for biochemistry, by the end of the spring term of the year you apply. Biochemistry may be completed the summer prior to your admission. Your pre-pharmacy requirements may be completed at any accredited two-or four-year college. These courses provide the foundation necessary for successful completion of the PharmD program. In addition to ISU’s general education requirements and elective credits. You will need to complete the following pre-pharmacy requirements:

Prepharmacy Requirements

Prepharmacy Courses Semester Credits 
General Biology with Lab (ISU's Biol 1101*) 4
General Chemistry I & II with labs (ISU's Chem 1111, 1112) 8
Intro to Statistics (ISU's Math 1153) 3
Brief Calculus (ISU's Math 1160*) 3
Organic Chemistry I & II with labs (ISU's Chem 3301, 3302, 3303, 3304) 8
Biochemistry (ISU's Biol 4432) 3
General Physics I (ISU's Phys 1111) no lab required 3
General Microbiology with lab (ISU's Bios 2235) 4
Economics (ISU's Macro, Econ 2201* or Micro, Econ 2202*) 3
Anatomy and Physiology I & II with labs (ISU's BIOS 3301 & BIOS 3302)    8

In addition to the prepharmacy requirements, students will need to complete ISU’s General Education Objectives and a minimum of 72 college/university semester credits before beginning the PharmD program at ISU.

Idaho State University General Education Objectives

**Course equivalents for Alaskan applicants