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The creation of endowments is an ideal way to provide important financial resources to our students and faculty into perpetuity. Currently our objective is to create new endowments at the level of $25,000 or higher. This is an ideal opportunity for donors to “pay it forward” and leave an important legacy to the college which had an important impact in the careers and quality of life of our alumni. The donor can also elect to support current endowments of the college.

Below please find a list of our current endowments. These endowments support scholarships, as well as student, faculty and program development. All scholarships are awarded to students in good academic standing. In addition, many of the scholarships also include other criteria related to GPA, grade level, geographical preferences and more.

Our objective is for all of our endowments to have a principal balance of $25,000 which enables the college to provide payouts beginning at $1,000.00. The endowments listed accept donations from anyone who is interested in providing support. If you are interested in supporting those endowments under $25,000 please contact Phil Yankovich and he will be happy to provide more details regarding these requests. Phil’s contact information is 208-339-4770 or For more information on each endowment just click on the name of the endowment.