Vaughn Culbertson PharmD
Title: Director of NonTraditional Students/Interim Chair BPSCI /PPRA Professor
Office: M 713
Telephone: (208) 373-1883

Dr. Culbertson is Professor and Director of Accreditation and Assessment at Idaho State University College of Pharmacy. He earned his B.S.Pharm. and Pharm.D. degrees from the University of Nebraska. His primary practice and research interests are related to ambulatory care pharmacy practice, pharmacoepidemiology of drug-related problems, and development of problem-based learning and clinical problem-solving processes in pharmacy education.

His teaching interests over the past several years have centered on development of problem-based learning strategies in pharmacy curricula. Current activities include on-going development of an Internet-based computer case studies program to facilitate development and assessment of student clinical problem-solving skills.

His early research efforts involved the design and conduct of several antihypertensive drug trials and various projects investigating drug use in chronic disease states. Over the past ten years, he has focused on the design and application of statewide drug utilization review programs for the States of Colorado and Idaho. These projects involved use of a relational computer database for reviewing physician prescribing patterns among indigent and welfare recipients as federally mandated under the OBRA 90 legislation. As principal investigator, he has successfully funded seven research and development projects as well as a multi-year Durg Utilization Review contract. Additionally, his record of scholarship includes over fifty peer-reviewed publications and abstracts, numerous non-refereed professional publications, and three book chapters.

Administrative responsibilities at Idaho State University include development and supervision of the Non-traditional PharmD program, a nationally recognized distance learning program designed for B.S. practitioners to obtain their degree without having to return to campus.