John Erramouspe PharmD
Title: PPRA Professor
Office: LH 272
Telephone: (208) 282-3019

Dr. Erramouspe is Professor at Idaho State University College of Pharmacy. He earned a B.S. in Pharmacy from Idaho State University. He completed a residency at the Portland Veterans Administration Center and obtained his M.S. degree from Oregon State University. Dr. Erramouspe has served as a staff hospital pharmacist at Pioneer Valley Hospital (four years), the Idaho Drug Information Regional Poison Control Center as Assistant Director (two years), and as director of pediatric outpatient pharmacy (six years) and a preceptor for a community pharmacy residency for three years. Additionally, he acquired a Pharm.D. degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

He is the recipient of a Distinguished Young Pharmacist from the Idaho State Pharmacy Association. Dr. Erramouspe's primary instructional area is pediatric therapeutics. His research includes cost-effectiveness analysis of pediatric drug therapy (e.g. asthma, immunizations, otitis media), in vitro dissolution of methylphenidate extended-release tablets, and misuse of veterinarian medications in humans. He currently serves on the pediatric editorial panel for The Annals of Pharmacotherapy.