Anushka Burde PharmD
Title: PPRA Assistant Lecturer
Office: LH 262/Stop 8158
Telephone: (208) 282-3231

Dr. Anushka Burde is an Assistant Lecturer in the Department Pharmacy Practice and Administrative Sciences  at Idaho State University (ISU). She graduated from Idaho State University with a Pharm.D. degree in 2015. Dr. Anushka Burde has also earned a B.S. Biochemistry and B.S. Chemistry in 2011 & 2010 respectively from ISU. She joined as a faculty member at ISU College of Pharmacy in July 2015.


Dr. Burde spends a few hours staffing as a pharmacist at a telepharmacy called "Bengal Pharmacy". Bengal Pharmacy Pocatello location  provides pharmacy services to distant rural communities in Idaho (Arco, Challis) through audio and video connections.

She also provides clinical services at Health West ISU  which primarily focus on HIV and Hepatitis C management. She has done extensive work in setting up the "Patient Centered Pharmacy Program" (PCPP) at Bengal Pharmacy, which serves Health West ISU patients. The  "Patient Centered Pharmacy Program" has been developed to enable patients to receive excellent pharmacy and health care services such as automated refills, medication education, home delivery of medications, weekly/monthly follow up on side effect management. Dr. Burde has been doing benefits investigation and prior authorizations for expensive Hepatitis C and HIV medications. This has enabled numerous patients to be cured of Hepatitis C.  Dr. Burde is also in the process of learning and gaining experience in the 340B dynamics of a pharmacy. 

Dr. Anushka Burde also teaches a few lectures at ISU College of Pharmacy, including case studies. She is currently the advisor for Operation Heart which provides blood pressure and cholesterol checks to the community. She also precepts Operation immunization, Operation Heart events as needed. Dr. Burde is currently working towards obtaining her teaching certificate which is awared by ISU College of Pharmacy.  She is also the "Preceptor - In - Training" for the ISU Rural Community Residency.